Would You Pay a Thief to Steal from You? Well, You Do!

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What would you do, if some stranger wanted to take money from you? Without any physical force, just a smile? Would you let him get away with it?

What would you do, if a good friend had stolen money out of your purse? Would you smile and give him more of your hard earned cash?

Well I am pretty sure, you wouldn’t let that happen (or at least not a second time).

If you are so careful about your money, a resource that you think might be a bit scarce (when it really isn’t at all), how come you be so careless with a much more important and much scarcer resource of yours – your time?

We give away our time like we are over-abundant with it, yet believe it or not, if someone is about to live for 80 years he only lives 29.586 days or 710.064 hours.

If that is you, you aren’t even a millionaire then, when it comes to hours. In fact it could be a lot less. Yet most of us, spend our time like we had trillions of it. So the fact is, most of us value time far less, than we value money. Although that might be a sad fact, there also lies some power within. We could use the value of money we have in our subconscious mind to increase our value awareness of time.

You could ask yourself:

– **How much is one day worth to you?**
– **How much one hour?**

##The Concept of Time Value

I’ve been a freelancer nearly all my life. So I am used to charge my services by the time that I need for a specific service. As a freelancer the basic unit I did sell very often was my time.
While there are problems sticking only to this, if you would like to grow exponentially (you have a maximum of 24 hours per day), this concept can make up one of the best tools you can use to free up your life from a lot of unnecessary commitments.

Every commitment of yours takes up some of your time. And since your time is limited to exactly 24 hours per day, you should honor your time as one of your most precious ressources you have.
Now I am sure you’ve heard this before. But how can you make sure, that you’ll stick to it.

**Well. get used to attach a value to it.**

##Advantages of Time Value

First attaching a value (like a dollar value) to it, teaches you a lot about your own self-worth. If I would come to you and ask you for one hour of your time, how much would you honor that essential ressource of yours. Assigning a dollar amount to it, could give you a hint of how much you value yourself.

This value obviously isn’t carved in stone. Just as my experience with age increased in different areas, so did my acceptance of myself increased. And I was able to value my time and freedom with ever increasing amounts I would charge someone for taking up that resource of mine.

Now I don’t want you to get greedy. But I want you to become conscious that giving an hour of your time is the same as investing that amount into something. And you better make damn sure, that what you get in return is in a good proportion to this investment. And I don’t only talk money here.

Helping people I love getting some things done in their lives wouldn’t give me the money equal to my time investment, but I would feel well paid through love, enjoyment, feeling connected and so much more, that I don’t need money to be motivated to do it.

But when people ask me to do things, that I won’t feel inspired enough myself to do it, I check out with my own self esteem, if I really would like invest this hour or day, and whether the return is in a good proportion of my time investment.

##Calculate Your Actual Time Value
How do you estimate that value. Well, a first place to start would be to get to know how much you’ve been paid in your business per hour. And I mean **really** per hour. If your making $800 per week for a 40 hour week, you are making $20 per hour. But if the real time you are investing is 60 hours per week, then you are only making $800 / 60 hours = $13,33 per hour. This realization could be really shocking to you, but it could be a healthy shock to realize how little or much money you make for an hour of your time.

Now if you really love your job, then there are some other factors to take into the equation of whether to change your job, and I am not talking about changing jobs lightly in these days. Yet this realization could be an essential impuls for you to get clear about how to really spend your time.

**I highly suggest that you up this value that you calculated, so that you make sure for yourself that your leisure time gets enough value consideration.**

That means if you are paid $20 per hour on your job, you should at least value your leisure time with a bit more than $20. Maybe $25. Now it makes no sense for you then to value your leisure time with $200 if you are paid $20 on your job. If you are really paid $20 per hour then your self esteem isn’t in the league of asking for $200. So get a good proportion.

##How to Use Your Time Value
Now whenever someone wants your time, you should realize that this would equal an investment of the hours needed for it times the amount you value your hour.

For the sake of easy calculation – let’s assume that you would value your hour with $20.
Now if someone came along and wants 2 hours from your time, you should then realize, that this would equal an investment of $40 from your side. You could ask yourself then: “Is what I get in return worth “$40 or more?” If you think so, then you should consider spending time on it, otherwise I would highly suggest you get to the Art of No-Fu, and say politely “No” to it.

But you shouldn’t stop there. You should also realize how you spend your time. Let’s assume you go to a movie. You pay $10 for it. But you also spend 2 hours of your time. That would make another $40. So your real investment (money + time) would be $50.
Now ask yourself, was the movie worth $50?

Now don’t be afraid to do this. I love going to the movies. And I do value my time much higher than $20. But I know that spending time with maybe a loved one with a good, inspiring or funny movie is worth more than that.

While you might be tempted to shrug off this as materialistic thinking it is quite contrary teaching you a lot about the real values in life. You could for the first time attach a real value to your “Values”. Ever wondered about those Life-Management-Seminars when they talk about your “Inner Values”? Ever thought that this is a vague concept? Well not any longer for me, since I know how much worth I would attach to “Freedom”, “Love”. And trust me, they rank much higher for me, than working 8 hours in a cubicle. You can only live your “Values”, if you donate time and attention to it.

**And the real currency you’ll pay in this life is not money .. it is time and focus.**

**Carpe diem – Seize the day.**

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  • Patrick, another great post! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to value time more than money. TIme ticks away and once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. (I have felt cheated after watching a bad movie!) Whereas money, you could always make more of. For those of us who love what we do for a living, we can’t ever go back to prioritizing money.

    You drive your point home beautifully in your last paragraph.

    • Patrick

      @ Belinda Munoz: I can really relate to that feeling of being cheated after a bad movie. I now really leave a movie if it is boring or bad made after some time before wasting more of it.

  • Patrick, thanks for the great post. I’m trying to work on my patience (but not passively waiting), and I think this concept of time value is a great fit. We too often undervalue the very thing that we have the most control over ie where we put our time and focus.

    .-= Mick Morris´s last blog ..How would you talk to a disabled child – with Passion? =-.

    • Patrick

      @ Mick Morris: I hope this will help you much in deciding where to use your time and focus.

  • Once I gave no importance of time but as time goes by I realized that life is very short and time has been elusive. I’ve got a lot of years to live (I hope) and I will make the best of it. Thanks for this reminder. :-)

    • Patrick

      @ Walter: Yes especially a lion slinger has a dangerous life and should be aware of every moment of life.

  • Patrick, it all seems to come back to just how much you value yourself.

    If you have high self-esteem, then you will always do things which are best for you and in line with your values.

    Therefore you would respect and value your own time and naturally any time vampires will be blown away:-)

    .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..Be Like Bamboo and Reach for the Sky =-.

    • Patrick

      @ Arvind: Unfortunately the time vampires still try to suck time from you. But it is with everything in life – it gets tested and only a used muscle will grow or maintain it’s form.

  • Well Patrick, the post lives up to the title.

    I think a lot of people give their time with ease because they have not yet found ways to use it in a very productive, meaningful way. Once you do, you can’t help always comparing what you are doing with your time, with what you could be doing. When you see all the wasted potential, in can easily become like torture.


    .-= Ideas With A Kick´s last blog ..Enough with the mind reading: get a 360 feedback! =-.

    • Patrick

      @ Ideas with a kick: Eduard that is a great point. You only have so many time slots a day and always need to balance what you do right now and what you could do. But don’t torture yourself to much in it. This will lead to your mind getting numb to the awareness and not react at all.

  • Time is exceedingly precious. You might say, it’s all we have and none of us know how much we have left.

    .-= Denny Coates´s last blog ..Larry King Interviews Oprah Winfrey about "The Secret" and Law of Attraction =-.

    • Patrick

      @ Denny Coates: Yep, it could be over the next minute, so the best would be to take this life like the old warriors, who always knew about the close presence of death. Therefore they loved and enjoyed life even more.

  • Wow, this is a great post and I never really looked at “time” like this. Thanks for opening up that perspective. This was a great thing to read today!


    .-= Dayne | TheHappySelf.com´s last blog ..Face to Face With God : A Near Death Experience =-.

    • Patrick

      @ Dayne: Great to get you inspired again. Just like your last post. Great post. Have only read it mobile and will need to comment soon.

  • Great post Patrick. I love how you connect time with money. It’s very true that time is always not enough for everyone, so be sure to make full use of it.

    .-= Karlil´s last blog ..Apple Case Study: The Making Of Devoted Followers =-.

    • Patrick

      @ Karlil: No, there is always enough time for us. It is just our own pressure and frantic feeling of not being or having enough. I truly believe that we were given all the time we need. But we waste 99% of it by doing unessential things that we believe are important, when truly they aren’t.

      The time you need is always available to you. But are you available to time?

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