UNWRAPPED: The Fountain of Bliss – a 1 Minute Exercise

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*Welcome to another article in my “Unwrapped” series.*

Have you ever had a situation, where you were full of sorrow or pain (even physical) when out of the blue something beautiful came along and took your breath away by its sheer beauty? That could be another person, a sunset, a great piece of art, something so simple as a flower in the dirt, or a great, comforting cup of tea. And in that moment, you realized that your sorrows were gone and even your pain. And somehow your life didn’t felt so dark anymore. And you felt peace and bliss within you, maybe even while the physical pain still stayed.

Weren’t you tempted in these moments to grab that object of beauty and wanted to keep it forever? And yet somehow you never could.

## What Will You Get out of It (if You Participate)?

By following this exercise (remember reading alone wouldn’t help you with it) you will:

– learn a way to experience bliss whenever you want
– be able to quiet your mind from sorrows and anxiety in one minute or less
– learn that you are the one who creates bliss and beauty in your life

##Background Info: Beauty Is Not Within the Object, but Within the Viewer.

Beauty is one way for us, to experience that wonderful state called bliss. Yet we must acknowledge to ourselves, that the power is not in the object, but within us, since a lot of people just weren’t touched just like we were in that moment. So the object of beauty only triggered the bliss state within us. Another way to describe triggering is, that we allowed ourselves to feel bliss by looking at this object of beauty.

Therefore, we could trigger this state again, by realizing the beauty that is all around us – everywhere.

##Action Steps: Now It Is Time to Stop Reading and Start Doing
– Look around you now and see, what is around you. Pick one thing. That could be a flower, a person smiling, a scenery, a good tea, or anything else. Even if it consists of multiple things (like a scenery or nature) take it as one complete entity. Don’t pick out any detail. Let it be one.
– Take a deep breath in, hold it for a second and then let it flow out of you slowly.
– Focus your total awareness on the one thing.
– Let your eyes and your mouth turn into a smile
– Recognize how beautiful that thing in front of you is. How perfect (even if it is imperfect). See it as one of the most beautiful creations that you ever came across.
– Feel yourself being full of awe by that thing. Let your focus get sucked in by the beauty of this thing.
– Remember how lucky you are, that this thing is in your life. Feel grateful for it. Say “Thank you for being in my life.”
– Tell yourself, how lucky you are, that you could experience this moment.
– Allow yourself to feel bliss now and be content with what just is. Feel this feeling grow inside yourself and let it expand throughout your body. Shower your whole body and existence with it. Let this feeling fill every corner of your body and soul. Feel it like you would feel a warm shower covering you from head to toe. If you want a more thorough explanation of this process, read here.

Remember – Bliss like any other state, is not something that comes from the outside. It always comes from the inside, and we just use the outer world to remember ourselves about the beauty within us.

**Bliss is a decision.**

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  • Yes. The universe is an amazing source of peace, once we clear ourselves out of the way.

    .-= LPC´s last blog ..House Is Where The Heart Is =-.

    • Patrick

      @ LPC: Amen – we need to be clear to let it enter our universe.

      @ Ideas with a kick: Eduard, you are so right about the little things, yet we are manipulated by the media to think about thinking about happiness being this big, massive think that (of course) you can buy. No, it is in the words you say to your loved ones, it is in the way you look at thinks, it is in the way … (add anything that you would normally think of as profane). Becoming aware of the profane is what turns it into essential lessons.

      @ Gec: Being grateful is an awesome state. Keep it for a while.

  • Niceeee! There’s a similar concept in Positive Psychology called “savoring”. It’s about allowing one simple thing or experience really stimulate your senses, and taking in it’s beauty as much as you can.

    My thought after this: happiness is in the little things.


    .-= Ideas With A Kick´s last blog ..Sometimes forgiveness isn’t the answer =-.

  • Thank you for reminding me of this. I am grateful.

    .-= Gec´s last blog ..Physical Challenge =-.

  • It was a particularly harried morning, all three babies were miserable and crying. It felt like moving against the forces of nature to get them to feed and my one son Noah, twice in ten minutes, ruined his pajamas with explosive poop.

    Once we quieted them I made some delicious coffee and took it out to the porch. Despite the chill, the Autumn leaves on the trees were absolutely breathtaking in their hues of yellows, reds, oranges, and even the occasional greenish-blue.

    I did, in fact, remind myself how lucky I was, and took in the bliss that is remarkable in nature.

    Thank you for the reminder,

    • Charley

    .-= Charley Forness´s last blog ..Letting Change Happen =-.

    • Patrick

      @ Charley Forness: I am so glad to hear from you that despite the challenging situation you are in, you managed to get into that blissful state today. Man, that comment alone made my day. You can easily do that exercise with your kids to – maybe best when they are asleep and not shooting poop at you. But in those moments of silence you know what luck you have and what bliss you get from those 3 little angels. Hope they will be save and healthy for a long, long time.

  • Nice article. I have done this exercise in the past, and believe that deep breathing and thankfulness, bring us in the MOMEMT and empowered. I love the title
    UNWRAPPED: The Fountain of Bliss – a 1 Minute Exercise

    • Patrick

      @ Lalitha Brahma: Indeed thankfulness and deep breathing are 2 very powerful ways for us to be in that moment. I will talk about the effects, symbolism and usage of breathing for personal and spiritual growth soon on another blog. You might subscribe to GoodLifeZen.com to make sure you won’t miss it. But I will also announce it via Twitter.

  • Thanks Patrick for another reminder of all the bliss and beauty around us if we only give ourselves a change to appreciate and savour them.

    I did this exercise by drinking a really lovely cup of roibos (root) tea – I tell you what, it has never tasted better!

    Your article reminds me of how my journey into coaching and writing began with an amazing moment of bliss all those years ago in India when I visited an orphanage. Time seemed to come to a standstill as I found myself completely present and indeed lost in a state of bliss and unconditional love.

    That moment changed my life forever:-


    Maybe the blissful cup of roibos tea will have a similar lifechanging impact:-)

    .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..The Day I Saved a Drowning Bug and Why! =-.

    • Patrick

      @ Arvind: Actually you and I did the same today. Just in front of me is a roibos tea (with vanilla flavor). I like it’s taste. Sometimes I would like to dive into, but my body is to tall for the cup :)

      Even if we might have different levels of bliss from time to time, these moments are so precious, we should make sure, we learn how to get them often.

  • Hi patrick,
    the article was really nice. I’ve jus started to do creative writing. Well i took tips from ur guest post in Leo’s blog, How to write an article of 1K+ words within 90 mins. Pls go thro my post, and comment and hw u feel abt the post. And give some tips. I sure want to write more. Need ur guidance.

    .-= Hathim´s last blog ..To God, with love =-.

    • Patrick

      @ Hathim: I have already commented on your post. Keep up the good work. Hope my 2 cents could help you.

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