UNWRAPPED: How to Become a Vision Through the Power of a Legacy

Old, happy man

About the “Unwrapped”-Series”

This article is the first in a series of upcoming articles called “Unwrapped”. These will focus much more on you doing things or following exercises. Because doing something makes the experience 10,000% more intense than just reading about it.

I really want you to do these things to get the full benefit from it. Take the time or schedule when to do it.

The format of these articles would be pretty easy and readable for you, consisting of 3 parts:

  1. What you will get out of it (if you participate)?
  2. Further Information
  3. Action Steps: Now it is time to stop reading and start doing

What you will get out of it (if you participate)?

Doing this exercise will enable you to:

  • get your life in order
  • find out what to focus on in life
  • find out what you would really like to do in life
  • find out how to become the vision after you get it
  • know exactly where you are wasting your time
  • would like to know what your life should be about

This exercise is one of the most potent ones you can do for yourself.

Background Info: Leaving a Legacy and Why Death Is the Greatest Catalyst for Life

This might not be an easy read for you. Since most of our time, we are running around from one of the most important moments in our life – our death. We are afraid of death. But we shouldn’t be. We are going to die. It is inevitable. So there is no sense in being afraid. Once you really know, what is going to happen, all your worries will be gone.

Instead focus on death, as a catalyst, indeed the biggest catalyst life has to offer. It forces you, to focus your attention and choose wisely, what you would like to experience in this life.

As long as we neglect it, we cannot come to a clear vision, because we are running around, afraid to accept that our life is limited, and we need to decide what to do with a resource that is getting shorter every day for us – time.

So use the catalyst power of the certainty of death, to increase your focus and to bring your quality of life to a level you haven’t thought possible before.

For this life is not about being afraid of death (and neither is it wanting to die premature) – instead it is about living a fulfilled life, that will come to fruition and will allow us to leave this earth with a feeling of “I’ve had a happy life”.

But since we don’t know, when we will die, we shouldn’t place our hope on someday, someday all will be better. Maybe your someday will never come. Instead decide to focus on increasing the quality of your life in the here and now and let the certainty of death guide you to make the best decisions possible.

By doing this exercise, you create a vision for yourself that you can then go on to become. First get a vision and then become that vision.

Although this might seem strange at first, trust in your own soul. Your soul has already the wisdom to generate a fulfilled life. Tap into this wisdom with the following exercise. Then act on it for at least 30 days and you will see, that your perspective on life as well as your actual circumstances will change into just the direction you described in this legacy.

And don’t let your age fool you. No matter how young or old you are – now is the only time to start this journey and don’t worry how much time you wasted until now. Just begin – now – there is nothing more and nothing else you can do.

Action Steps: Now It Is Time to Stop Reading and Start Doing

Step 1: Create a Legacy

Grab your journal.

Imagine, that you would get a chance to visit through a time capsule your last day on earth. Role play it. See yourself on that day before you die. Now it would not be a painful death, but a death where you just go to bed to sleep and transit to from this world peacefully during sleep. You will see yourself, sitting at your desk and writing a letter as a legacy. A legacy towards yourself. Write down now, as your future self, who knows, that he is about to die soon.

On the top write down “My legacy to myself”.
On the next line, you should write: “Dear younger self, I want you to have a fulfilled and blessed life. I had it and I want to teach you how. I herewith present you the legacy to a peaceful, balanced, fulfilled and happy life. Now it is your turn to follow my advice.”

Then go on and write your legacy. You should with this answer to yourself these questions:

  • What was I really proud of in my life?
  • What had I really enjoyed doing the most in this life?
  • Whom do I love from the bottom of my heart?
  • Where have I wasted too much of my time?
  • What were the greatest lessons you learned?
  • What made your life valuable?
  • What were your toughest times, and how did you overcome them?
  • What would I’ve made different, If I would be 30 or 40 (you put in your actual age) years young again?
  • What tips would I give my younger self to make better choices on the way?

Give yourself enough time to develop this legacy of a great and fulfilled life. You can do it in one setting or in several – it is up to you. You will know, when it is finished. Define for yourself through this legacy, what a happy, balanced, fulfilled and great life would mean to you.
If you’re moved to tears by this – it is okay. Let it happen. Sometimes you feel like you are just making this up, and you are, but through this your soul can tell you a lot of its wisdom.

Then see your older self give this letter, this legacy to you.

Step 2: Make This Legacy Grow Within You

Put it in a prominent place, where you can see it every day and read it aloud each morning and before going to bed- for at least the next 30 days.

For the next 30 days make a commitment with yourself, that at least 3 times a day you become aware that with every breath (especially with every exhale) you come 1 breath closer to your last day on earth.

I really would like to get some of your comments from experiences about this exercise.

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  • Jed Gardner

    Patrick. Thanks for the post. Recently, given some hefty health challenges, a few friends have accepted their near term demise. Once over the shock and dispair, rather than debilitate them, acceptance of their proximity to the exit gate has invigorated them appreciably.

    Your prompting to acknowledge that death is certain, together with the knowledge that the circumstances and timing of our deaths are usually unknown, reminds us to live life well and create a lasting legacy as you have so nicely encouraged.

    • Patrick

      @Jed Gardener: Thank you for giving such a wonderful example. Yes getting to know that your days are numbered is a shock and usually sends you into despair. And it is normal to do so. Yet we all need to get over this state into that of peaceful acceptance. And as you have so beautifully described, from this we get invigorated. Maybe our fears rob us more from life than death can (and will) ever do. That is something to really think about. Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Great exercise with this article! Being 26 and wanting to live till at least 90, it’s a real challenge to imagine myself on the last day of my life. I usually go just 5-10 years in the future with my mind. But I’ll give it o try. Should be useful to find out stuff about myself.


    .-= Ideas With A Kick´s last blog ..Self-improvement is masturbation =-.

    • Patrick

      @Ideas with a kick: It is pretty good to start this early on. Because you have a lot of time to follow the steps your inner wise man will give you. And although your body might be 26, I am pretty sure, that your soul is much older than that.

  • Sounds like a very interesting exercise Patrick. I will give it a go. When you ask yourself the questions and write as though you are your future self, are you relating to your experiences from your current age and past. I have done meditations and visualizations where i see myself what it would be like at a future age full of wisdom, growth and transformation, but i guess this is a little different – really allows you to appreciate each day and make the best of it…I like it

    • Patrick

      @Jai: You project yourself into the future self. And from this you let your subconscious come up with whatever comes up. This could be you roleplaying an older version of yourself, so you get your viewpoints from your current you. But very often you will get answers, that you never thought of before. As if your subconscious really had traveled through time and received information from a much more advanced version of you. You shouldn’t limit yourself to reflect only on experiences you are currently having. You can also reflect on experiences your (fictitious) elder self had. But don’t worry what to do (that is your head doubting you can do it right). Just go with your intuition and let yourself surprise you.

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