The 3 Best Ways to Use Your Inner Experts

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This article is a follow up to my article [8 Steps to Communicate With Your Own Higher Intelligence]( If you haven’t read it already please go there so that you understand the concept of creating inner experts first. In this article I spoke about inner experts. Since these are also subpersonalities of myself (I am not talking about Channeling or something) I most of the time refer to these inner persons as Personas.
So here are the best ways I know to use your established inner Personas.

##1. Becoming the Persona
If I want to express the qualities of a Persona I can step into the Persona and become him or her. What do I mean with “becoming that Persona”.

As an example if I am about to go on stage I need to switch into a more expressive, extroverted Persona who’s being able to enjoy public speaking compared to my more introverted normal Persona. This has nothing to do with faking. It is just expressing another set of qualities that are within me and belong to my Being. In this sense Personas are subsets of qualities that I might not express in other contexts.

Here is the process of doing this:

####Step 1. Go Into an Alpha State

This could be done quite easily by:

– **Relaxe your body**: just a little bit by letting your arms fall beside the body and maybe relax your shoulders is fine. We don’t go for total relaxation here – just a bit becoming more comfortable and easy is enough.
– **Take one or two deep relaxing breaths and breathe out slowly**: letting go of all the air inside you
– **Close your eyes**: closing the eyes produces Alpha-Brainwaves instantly. Now you can do this process with eyes open (even while driving) after a while, when you are used to it. If you keep your eyes open, defocusing them (looking with a soft gaze like in daydreaming) will help you to establish Alpha-Waves. Focussing your eyes will bring you out of Alpha pretty quick.
– **Tilt you eyes slightly upwards**: about 20 Degrees like looking unto a screen in a cinema
– **Touching your upper palate with your tongue**: this increases the nerve energy flow inside your body.

Doing this will only take about 2-3 seconds after a short while. Just remember being in Alpha is a natural state and your body knows how to do it.

####Step 2: Place Your Persona in Front of You

See him or her like a person standing in front of you – just 1 step ahead.

####Step 3: Step into them

Just imagine that you could step into them like you would step into a room or in a special suit, that you could step into (think a bit of Science Fiction here).
Now you could do this stepping into physically or you can do it mentally (during mediation). Doing it physically has a greater impact on the body feeling. If I want a more dynamic expression of the Persona I would do a physical stepping into.

####Step 4: Experience the Persona

Feel how that person is breathing, standing, their muscular tension in different parts of the body. Experience how the person is talking to itself, how he or she is looking at things.
I would pay close attention to the physical experience, since this establishes the connection to the desired state pretty fast.

**You will find, that different personas have different physical experiences.**

For instance when I step into my Public Speaking Persona my chest widens; my shoulders drop a bit behind; I get a comfortable tension in my face and core and my muscles around my eyes tighten a bit widening my eyes; I breath with deep breaths and am using my hands very expressively and lively while talking. I have an explosive tension in my body and feel totally alert and awake. My inner voice is lively, dynamic and fast paced.

When I step into my Meditation Persona I feel totally different. My body relaxes, my head drops a bit my fascial muscles relax and my mouth expresses a slight smile of relaxation, peace and feeling comfortable. My breathing becomes deep and slow and my internal voice becomes soft and deep.
Actually this is the best way to start a meditation for me: using some deep breathing and then stepping into my Meditation Persona (who is an expert in all questions relating to Meditation, Relaxation and Controlling the Mind/Body Connection) brings me into the meditative state within seconds.

That is the power of using Personas. Remembering the experience of being in a Persona changes your experience and state at a rapid pace.

####Step 5: Leaving the Persona (optional)

You can stay in that Persona as long as you like – expressing their unique qualities. Or you can step out anytime you like.

I have created Personas that are experts in Meditation, Public Speaking, Focussing on a Task, Writing etc. So whenever I am about to do meditation, acting, writing a blog article or focussing on a difficult task at hand, I can use this quick routine to bring out the innate necessary ressources fast.

##2. Increasing Their Qualities Within You
This is a bit similar to “1. Becoming the Persona”. But here you need to be in a deeper meditative state. If you quickly need to change your physical or emotional state you would use method 1. If you want to increase the qualities that a Persona expresses within you more fully use this method.

During meditation you ask the Persona to allow a deep connection. If he or she agrees you can step into the Persona like in Method 1.

This time however delve a bit more into feeling the qualities you like about this Persona. Experience the wisdom, strength, eloquence or whatever quality you want to and while being connected you can experience this quality growing within you. You can experience it as if this quality would colour your soul and would stick with you even after you would leave the Persona. You can feel it growing within you every time you reconnect with the Persona. It then increases to be a quality that stays with you.

##3. Getting knowledge
During a meditation I can also meet my inner Personas and ask them questions I need answers too.
I of course like to be in a deeper meditative state than during “Method 1: Becoming the Persona”.

I can speak to them in my meditation (mentally of course I don’t need my physical vocal chords for that). The answers you will get might surprise you. And sometimes they don’t seem to make much sense. But write them down and have a look at them later. You will see that they might make sense to you after a while, because you might have been to tangled up in the problem to sometimes see the solution that this deeper part of your mind would give you.

I would like to hear from you about experiences with this process.

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  • I was interested to read the other day that Beyonce has a stage persona called “Sasha Fierce”. Because she doesn’t feel that her normal persona is big enough for being on stage.

  • Patrick

    @Kaizan: Great example. Thanks. That is a great way for Beyonce as an artist (or any person) to disassociate herself from the own limitations that she associates with her “regular” persona. Actually the whole concept of choosing an artist name (beside the marketing effect) is another way of achieving this. That’s why one of the steps to create such a Persona is to give it a name. It’s not that the Persona needs it – You need it most of the time to allow yourself to overcome all the limits you connect with your everyday name.

  • Now it all made sense. I have always come to know just how powerful human’s mind are. You can be just about anything you want to be. Confident, extrovert, funny and etc. And i believe that with all my heart.

    But here comes the problem, i never learn how to truly awaken my persona. I always come to think its just mimicking an image you have in mind.

    What i have tried in the past is closing my eyes, breath slowly and sort of imagine how i should stand, walk or talk in front of the crowd to make the best impression. When i have the image in mind, i will then try to mimic it. Often time i will fail after a few minute because i believe it is nothing but faking and men see through fakers. This is the first time i actually heard of persona. Thanks for the great info Patrick!

  • Patrick

    @Karlil: It is just the inner critique (another persona of fear trying to protect you from being harmed) that is calling you fake.
    Everything that you could express is a part of you.

    So I guess you cannot fake at all!
    All you can do is stop yourself from expressing a quality by listening to the inner critique.

    But I can relate to it – I called myself a fake when I learned to openly speak with women several years ago – now I am much more comfortable, and able to do what I thought I needed to fake some years ago.
    I have just have expanded my own definition of myself.

  • Rico

    if we’re using our persona. It won’t controlling us right? I’m an first grade middle school student.
    Can persona be a best friend to me? I was starting read this article, when i think, is there someone, that can use persona, but here you are.
    And 1 question, can persona called out, and being seen by other people? Like in the game, Persona

    • Patrick

      Hi Rico, the persona is just a part of you, that has no control over you other than the one you give it. Persona is a psychological term for an inner person of yours, that might not be easily accessible to you normally. By using the concept of a persona it is far easier to access those inner qualities within you – e.g become the courageous, strong person you otherwise might not feel like so easily.

      Therefore this persona is different than in some games – but the persona can be seen – through you acting differently than usually. That’s the persona.

      • Rico

        thanks, patrick.
        I knew, mastering persona isn’t an easy task. Is persona affected by mood? How cool, persona is. Mastering persona in other word releasing your full potential, right? I want to know my full potential.
        Sometimes, when i’m mad at my classmate, my hand punching him by its own, is it because my persona.
        And is persona connected to zodiac? That all, for now.

        • Patrick

          Rico, first don’t think that persona is anything different than you. It’s you and always you. Therefore of course moods can evoke different personas, but by changing consciously your focus on a persona you can also change your mood.

          Let’s say you feel sad, but you have anchored within you also an optimistic, courageous, fun persona. You might evoke this by standing the way you would stand if you would feel courageous, optimistic and fun, breathe the way you would do then and talk to yourself like you would talk to yourself when you were fun, courageous and optimistic. If you do this several times, your brain will build new neuro-connections which link this posture with that certain type of feeling and voila your mood changes.

          So persona is not a different person or a strange entity that takes control of your mind and soul – persona is more like a macro program like the ones you do in office word or on a mac with automator (if you are familiar with programming these). There you define and record the steps, give it a name and then assign it to a certain trigger (like pressing a button). It’s similar with personas – you trigger them by certain mental buttons (very often through the posture or your breathing pattern or a certain word or gesture you use) – and that trigger will run a mental program called “courageous guy”.

          I hope that made it a bit clearer for you.

          P.S. I am familiar with the zodiac (in my early years I also studied astrology) and their might be a certain relation to some parts within a specific horoscope – but this would need a closer look at a specific horoscope. For now I would not focus on that. You should rather focus how you can use the programming metaphor and the given exercises in the article to connect with your inner experts – trust me, if you use them, they will tell you more about it than I could.

  • Rico

    Thanks, patrick.
    What is SHADOW?
    And how old are you

    • Patrick

      Rico, the term “shadow” was defined by C.G. Jung. It refers to those parts of our personality that have been rejected out of fear, ignorance, shame, or lack of love. His basic notion of the shadow was simple: ‘the shadow is the person you would rather not be.’ He believed that integrating the shadow would have a profound impact, enabling us to rediscover a deeper source of our own spiritual life. ‘To do this,’ Jung said, ‘we are obliged to struggle with evil, confront the shadow, to integrate the devil. There is no other choice.’”

      BTW I am 42.

  • subha

    Hi Patrick, I have a fear of trying about this persona.. but I trust ur guidance completely because of your previous article n saw many desires got manifested. How can I identify that this is d ‘persona’of me n how to name him or her..
    How persona helps n communicate me? How should I feel.. for me im feeling little bit strange. That,y someone should b within me.. Tell me how ease I can use persona please.. Really I want to have a try too..
    Some of my desires took time to manifest for around even 2 months or more.What could b d reason. I’m visualising in present tense manner. One thing I’m glad to tell u.. I asked for an answer to my mind a night. For which I had already a guessed answer.. the same night after my meditation session was over when I opened your link d first thing came in front of my eyes is your “The answers are already within you” I was stunned n realized that my guessed answer is d one for my question.. wanted to share with u d happiness n thanks..

    • Patrick

      Hi Subha,

      let me first say that a persona is never a separate entity from you. So you should not be afraid that there is someone or something else inside you. A persona is just a role that you are able to play. Persona is one of many possible expressions of yourself. Different personas come up when you are in different situations or with different people around. You behave differently at work compared to your family. And you behave differently when around your best friends compared to your boss.

      In that way you can also say that Persona is another word for the mental state you are in and the capacities that you have while being in that mental state. Haven’t you also had it that sometimes you feel totally at peace with the world, maybe in meditation, when nearly all the workings of the universe feel in sync and you feel like being connected with everything. Well that is a mental state and you can call this your spiritual or wise Persona. Yet when you are in traffic and someone cuts you, up comes another side of you – the angry state or Persona.
      All I’m saying is, that you can’t come up with a wrong persona. It’s all part of you – the good and the bad. Accept it. And even the angry persona has its reasons for being there and need to be communicated with. Maybe by bringing in the wise persona of yours. When it comes to naming them – there are no rules. Pick whatever feels good for you. I know for instance some people call their wise Personas “Jesus” while others call them “Jack”. It makes no difference if it feels right for you.

      I hope this clarifies it a bit for you.

      • subha

        Glad n thanks for ur reply Patrick. Now I can able to understand it better than before.Sure.. I’ll have a try n share with you. Feeling more confident.. just tell me one thing that when I have any doubts can I write it to u..

        • Patrick

          @subha: Sure.

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