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The pitch

Have you ever seen NBC’s Heroes and wished you had super powers, that could help you solve some of life’s problems? Ever dreamed about you being able to bend time even to a complete stop like Hiro Nakamura? What would you say, if I told you, that you could do just that, and don’t have to look like someone with a severe obstipation every time you would activate your super powers?

Let me explain.

##What is Time?
Time in itself is a really interesting phenomenon. It is known, that on a subatomic level time and space are not, what we experience in this known world. Quantum physics tell us, that subatomic particles can be at several locations miles away from each other at the same time. This is not esoteric wishful thinking. This has been researched in scientific labs under the most strict circumstances. It has also been shown, that subatomic particles change their behavior and location depending on whom is watching them. So at this point we could not define what time is. We could just define how we experience it.

**The experience of time is depending upon the person watching it.**

We know this in our everyday experience already. Or would you exchange an hour with your new lover for an hour of getting a root canal?

##What Is the Function of Time?
Time is a necessity for us to experience the multitude of stimuli in the outer and inner world.

– Our conscious mind can only evaluate and define a certain amount of stimuli per second.
– Our conscious mind needs the definition of time to allow our brain to group the experiences, evaluate them and make sense of them.
– Our subconscious mind is not that depending on the continuity of space and time.

##Why Would You Want to Control Time?
While I haven’t found out how Hiro does bend time in the outer world, bending time in the inner world is a much more easy (and at the same time very useful) task.

If you find yourself in a situation, where you would like to control your thoughts running through your mind, this method will come in very handy.

**Situations like:**

– you would like to meditate, but you cannot quiet the stream of thoughts running through your mind
– you face a difficult situation and are near a state of panic, where you cannot make a wise decision of what to do
– you are in a heated argument with a loved one, and would like to break out of your normal pattern of reaction
– and many more

**Freezing time, allows you to**

– step back from the fear, stress, panic and anger which accompany these situations.
– take a breath and regain your emotional stability
– focus your mind on the solution and not on the problem
– allows you to come up with more solutions than while being under pressure

##How Can You Freeze Inner Time?

It is easy:

– Take a deep breath
– Hold your breath for a second
– While exhaling say mentally (just inside yourself) or even aloud (if you are alone in the room) with a strong, commanding voice: “FREEZE”
– Sense all objects of your inner world as frozen. And thoughts for this are objects that you could freeze.

If you haven’t see heroes here is another video showing you the concept of what time freeze would look like.

At first this sounds like a very strange concept to use, but be assured that I have found it as once of the best methods to quiet my mind to a zen like state in seconds.

You can even sense this while being active and then just saying “Freeze” in a commanding voice, that your perception of time while change within seconds.

Whenever I want to meditate and my thoughts run wild, I use this method and then sense all the chatter around me, all the ideas and images in my brain being frozen, hanging in the air around me, while I am able to let them be there and move away to become still.

Try it – you will be amazed that you never knew before, what powers are within you.

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  • Hi Patrick, very interesting post. I loved Heroes – Season 1, but they spoiled it a bit with the second season, anyway I digress :). I think time is a difficult concept to master but one that can be illustrated with the age old example of time flying by when you are enjoying yourself and dragging when you are bored.

    Great tips for freezing ‘mental time.’

    • Patrick

      @Steven Aitchinson: I found second seasons often tend to spoil a bit :)

      Yes time is a very difficult concept – and we haven’t talked about quantum physics yet. But actually the old saying “time flies, when you’re having fun” sums up the practical side of “mental time” pretty good.

  • That is really a great way to use this. I always used to try to slow down my perception of an incoming puck in air hockey so that I would react faster. I used to want super powers, but than I realized that I need to learn to use the power I have first.

    • Patrick

      @Justin: Didn’t we all wanted to be super heroes when we were young? But now it is time to realize, that we could be, just in a slightly different way than we imagined.

  • Patrick, the comparison to Hiro is very effective. It’s such a remarkable image and now I have the perfect association with Hiro’s face that’s also useful.

    I’ve found that the mind chatter is hardest to control on days when I’m sleep-deprived so I will keep this in mind to try next time my 2 1/2 year old decides to wake up at 3 am.

    • Patrick

      @Belinda Munoz: I hope this will come in handy, so your sleep and energy level will get better.

  • I’m a big fan of heroes Patrick. And I’m really impressed with your knowledge of time. Whenever I’m thinking too much, I imagined myself being in an island to calm my mind. I’ve come to visit the island a lot as of late. I’m going to check out your method next.

    • Patrick

      @Karlil: Creating you own ideal place is another of my own favorite meditation practices. I found that I used the freeze to get into the state of silence fast – and from there move onto my own ideal place.

  • Great concept of freezing time… I actually do this everyday using a yoga breathing technique called Nadi Shodanna or alternate nostril breathing that involves breath retention. The Yoga masters and ancient Rishis say by practicing this technique you actually do suspend time and recharge your energy system.
    Great picture.

    • Patrick

      @Jai Kai: Breathing techniques can be a great tool. I know of this yoga technique to install new energy in your system, but never heard that you should be able to suspend time. Maybe the should have picked a yogi instead of Hiro. Will try this technique – thank you.

  • Thanks Patrick for an enlightening insight into time.

    So often I have wanted to freeze or slow down time so as to savour pleasant moments. Covnersely when I have wanted bad times to go, I have simply said that I can’t wait for the next hour / day to go by.

    Like Jai Kai I too do an alternate nostril breathing technique every day – and I am sure this is doing me some good and recharging my energy system:-)

    • Patrick

      @Arvind: Again – Breathing techniques are very powerful. Will try this one. Thank you.

  • Really loving your posts, keep them coming. How can i subscribe via email?

    • Patrick

      @Be deliberate: Subscribing by email is pretty easy.

      1. On the top right corner you see “Want to get regular updates via Mail or RSS? Subscribe here.” Click it.
      2. Clicking there will present you with all subscription options. If you see only one alternative look for a link called “show all Subscribe options”
      3. You should see a link called: “Get unwrap your mind delivered by email

      But of course you could also use the link in this email now :)

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