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Today I made an important step for unwrapyourmind. I released all copyright on my content. I uncopyrighted the page (this term was coined by Leo Babauta who did an experiment with it on his site You can read my own uncopyright policy.

Now besides this being a courageous step for me, there is a lot to learn for each of us, since dropping your copyright is also about letting go of the fear of scarcity.

##The Fear of Scarcity
The fear of not getting enough, of lacking, of scarcity is deeply ingrained in our societies. Coming from our parents and ancestors, who experienced physical lack of several kinds (food, houses, clothing, etc.) in several wars, this is a very understandable fear. But unless you experience the lack in your situation right now, let’s take a look at where it has brought us.

##What Has the Fear of Scarcity Done to Us?
The fear of scarcity can be found on all levels of human life. I have picked 3 randomly.

####1. Nutrition:
It is a known fact, that we eat too much. We stuff things inside us, and have lost all touch with our own physical feeling of hunger. We became an obese society just because we have an inner fear of “someday all the good might be gone”. That’s why we subconsciously have an impulse to store things. So we store food as fat in our bodies.

####2. Economy:
We just witnessed the collapse of the greed-driven (and behind greed, there is always the fear of scarcity) economy. Now some people will actually experience physical lack. They have lost their jobs and are not sure, how to feed their families, etc. This is a sad situation, but we must be aware, that this situation did not happen due to any lack of resources. This whole crisis did not happen because of scarcity, but because of fear of scarcity. Our whole financial system was so afraid to lose, that the greed was driven to such an extent, that a collapse was possible. Let’s face it, there is enough money and any other kind of resource out there, that we all (including all the people in the 3rd, 4th and 5th world) could have much more than the essential to live. That means not, that we need to give up something, abundance is a natural component of life.

####3. Copyright:
We see traditional marketing and sales system not working any longer since the internet changed the game. This is apparent in the music industry, where the influence of itunes and the internet, changed a whole industry upside down. And they have to find their place and their business model yet. This is a time of instability and looking out for new business models. The music industry fights their copyright issues with any legal possible tool they have, but I am not sure, how long they can sustain it. Even big musicians start to turn away from major record companies and start doing their own thing.

##Why Is the Fear of Scarcity Keeping You from Experiencing the Life You Want
I truly believe that, unless you master your fear of scarcity, you cannot experience the growth you want.

It all comes down to the question, whether you trust in life to take care of you?

If you trust:

– that you will get the money to feed your family
– that you will get the customer you need to sell your products too
– that you will be taken care of
– that needed resources will be there by tomorrow (that does not mean you shouldn’t care about the environment)
– that there is enough for anyone
– that there is no lack
– that, even if someone takes something away from you (legally or by stealing), this will not harm you, because the universe will take care of it

Unless you learn to trust in the universe that much, you are driven by fear.

Some signs of fear are:

– you think, that there is not enough for everyone
– You Think, That Since There Is Not Enough, You Need to Fight for the Resources
– you have to protect what is yours from others stealing it
– you need to steal from others, to get what is scarce
– you need to be tricky to get an advantage in life
– you might even think you need to lie to customers to trick them into buying

##Trust Is a Decision
Like anything else in life, you cannot wait, unless you were given trust by some outside force. You have to develop it inside of you. You have to build it step by step.

What are some steps to build trust in life

– do some charity work
– give money to charity
– learn to enjoy giving away things
– start working on a project that inspires you (and don’t think how this could pay your bills)
– keep a gratitude journal, where you write down, what you were grateful for on that day
– in your journal write down, every situation where you felt guided. Look out for the lucky situations that happen to you.
– if you have a blog or some other creative material, uncopyright it (or if this is a step to brave think about Creative Common License)
– learn to focus on giving way more before asking for what you get out of it

Now this doesn’t mean, that you must do this for everything.
I might not uncopyright every product I have (and I will charge for services or products in the future to pay my bills), but by focusing on giving first, I am not afraid of any lack of potential customers, who like added products, service or support.

**So if you like this or any material you find at – check out the uncopyright policy and share it with the people you like. And yes, I’d appreciate it, if you give me credit and link back to this site.**

Also if you added some value to it or if you’ve made a translation of one of my articles I would really love to get your link. I might link back to it, if I find it useful to my readers. Just send me a direct message via Twitter.

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  • Hi Patrick

    I share many of the fears that you speak of in this article. Sometimes you can’t just get rid of the fears but can develop the courage to proceed in the face of those fears.

    Giving, as you mention, has been the most effective technique for me. Giving without expecting anything in return. Though seemingly every time I have given something, I’ve shortly there after received something of greater value to me in return.

    When I’m running tight on money, and can feel the fears building up of how will I make it to next paycheck, I give some money away, sometimes enough till it hurts. It’s the equivalent to applied NLP in that I’m purposely changing my state from a position of lack to a position of abundance and that I will always be taken care of.

    This is a tremendous power and connection that each of us have with the Universe and every other conscious being (human, animal, plant) on this earth.

    Thank you for your eloquent article.

    Warm Regards,


    • Patrick

      @Charley: That is a brilliant way (and scary for a lot of people) to refocus your thinking.

      Getting rid of a fear is not something that is easily achieved, and some fears you will have forever. I still feel some stage fright (not as bad anymore) before I go out on a stage, but I learned, that it’s “symptoms” are equal to that of “increased excitement” – so I relabeled the symptoms, and are able to confidently go out and do my thing, despite the fear symptoms being there.

  • Hey Patrick,
    This is by far the best article on releasing your copyright I have yet seen.
    Fear of scarcity is definitely the cause of scarcity.

    • Patrick

      @Justin: I agree. Fear focuses our minds and locks it into the one possibility that we fear would happen. And then we just get that.

  • Great work Patrick. For me personally, I still have no idea where to go in terms of copyright or uncopyright. I will most probably end up with creative common though. Thanks for the link!

    • Patrick

      @Karlil: You don’t have to change your copyright thinking. I don’t think all blogs should do it, you just should be aware of the thinking process that might be behind it. I got aware and that helped me to decide. It depends on the outcome of your site. I might disclose some products etc. later from this, but with the type of content I now have, my heart is free to give it away and spread it further.

  • Tristen

    He who gives, will surely reap his rewards ten folds.

    • Patrick

      @Tristen: Amen. And Thanks :)

  • I find that the best way to remove the fear of scarcity is to focus on the present and be there!.

    • Patrick

      @Dusan: That is the state you’re in automatically once you drop your fears, because fear automatically drags your focus from the now into an (not existent but fearfully predicted) future possibility. So every practice that brings you back into the now and here is a great way by itself and in addition to my mentioned steps to release fear.

  • Hi Patrick, great post and a great introduction to your blog! You know, even though I think of myself as a nice and generous person I realized that there was a part of me that felt like somebody else’s gain meant less for me. Helping others succeed has been a good way to let go of that feeling and be happier with what I do have.

    When my work first started being shared on the internet, sometimes without being attributed directly to me there was panic at first over how I was going to keep up with finding all these sites and getting them to credit me. I finally decided it wasn’t worth being so upset over and wouldn’t you know it my own blog has steadily grown all the while.

    • Patrick

      @Tracy: I can relate to that. But as your example has stated so brilliantly, all the energy that you would waste on trying to control things on the internet could be much better used on producing new things, on being creative. And as your example and others have shown is, that stealing actually might benefit your growth more, than it would harm you. It sounds like a paradox, but isn’t life by itself a big paradox?

  • Patrick,
    This is a great article. Very simple, straight to the point and true.

    I definitely support this view that fear of lack takes your focus and your intent away from what you want and onto what you don’t want. I also believe that it is important how you feel, not just how you are thinking, so the most productive work anyone can do on any given day is to discover how they are feeling about things and why.


    • Patrick

      @Rob: Thank you for the great addition. The feeling about things is definitely a great way to show you were your fears are. Changing your way of feeling will automatically change your thinking. That’s why Affirmation might or might not work, because repeating words is pretty useless, but when you bring in the feeling it becomes extremely powerful. Thank you for this.

  • This is extremely powerful. Hits me right where I live. Thank you.

    • Patrick

      @Bobby Linkemer: Hope you got some steps to help you out of it.

  • This is great. I believe we live in an unlimited abundant universe, it’s just something we can either choose to tap into, or not.

    • Patrick

      @Baker: Yes we can choose, but first we must become aware, that we have the ability to choose. We’ve been conditioned of being a victim for so long, that some people have a hard time changing their belief systems. They have to rebuild their own self-believe step by step.

  • You know one fo the good things about uncopyright it’s that it allows guys like me to translate your articles into Spanish :)

    • Patrick

      @Miguel: That would be brilliant. If you (and others) translate my articles, I would love to link to your translation. Just send me the link via Twitter.

  • Nice article Patrick and I love the image. I actively work against fear of not having enough, by actively giving, either money, things or my time. Generosity as an antidote to greed really does work. And yet there are situations where there is not enough to go round, and competition is necessary, too. It’s easy to buy the line that the universe will give you everything you need from our position in a relatively benign, wealthy western country. It doesn’t always work. Having said that, I know I personally am more anxious about scarcity than I need to be. Thanks for your post.

    • Patrick

      @Judy: I understand your point of view, and had the same thoughts before I wrote the article. I know that it is easy from our (more or less) comfortable position in the western world. And I can imagine that being in another circumstance I would chosen differently. But then I also would be another person. So the question is, is the law of the universe not always working, or is it, that me being in a specific circumstance means, my awareness is different and might not allow me to use the law correctly. Actually I think the later. It is the same problem that Jesus was facing, when he tried to preach his message of love to people who lived in a suppressed society. Anger, fear, hate, competition and a will to fight was the natural choice for them (and is still today), yet Jesus spoke against this natural inclination. That’s why they killed him. I know it is hard in some countries, situations and circumstances to believe in law, but there are always a lot of people who were able to use it and rise above circumstances despite their society and background.

  • It’s really a matter of worldview. Do you see the world as a place where you’re more likely to fail than to succeed? Or do you see a world full of opportunities waiting for you to act on them?

    I agree that the solution to a scarcity mindset is looking inward and asking ourselves what we can accomplish. Because in the end, we’re only limited by the bounds of our own effort and ingenuity, not by the “scarcity” of other resources.

    • Patrick

      @Jeffrey: Thank you for this additional light on the subject. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Escape

    Great article. When you start thinking along these lines and acting on what you learn you are able to see the dynamics of abundace and scarcity. It is a matter of thought and manifesting. It’s about moving away from fear to trust in the universe.
    That trust is like a warm blanket that evalopes you and frees you from fear. Start by beleiving and giving what your cercumstances permit to those who are in need. Some think that abundance is having a mansion and a mega yacht. Not so. The abundace that shoud be sought is an abundance of good character, kindness and charity. Fear is a negation of truth. Seek and learn the Truth and your fears will fall away and reveal the light which you are.

    • Patrick

      @Escape: So true. And we have to learn to trust again, since our whole society is based on this installed fear of scarcity. That is the way that classical marketing works and we’ve been taught that there is not enough in this world all our lives and we need to fight our way to happiness. It takes time to trust, that there is another way.

  • Thank you for that excellent post. I like how you say that trust is a decision. How often we forget the things in which we have a say.
    I like Jeffrey’s comment too. I think it was Einstein who said, “I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?'”
    James Allen writes: “A man must begin to wisely control himself, and to learn the beautiful lessons of patience, if he is to be highly prosperous, if he is to be a man of use and power. He must learn to think of others, to act for their good, and not alone for himself…” []
    Cheers, Thea

  • Nicely expressed. It’s all about making a decision. Decide that the universe is a supportive place and have the courage to act on it. It’s not easy but totally worth it. I like to use the mantra, “everything always works out for me.” Works for me.

  • Peter

    This is a great post, so true. I am also picking up courage to take steps along these lines. Isn’t it an extraordinary law that seems to be at work when you give generously and find that it leads to more not less… It made me think of what Solomon said:
    “One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another witholds unduly, but comes to poverty.” (Proverbs 11:24). This law works, I think, because there is a Provider who makes sure that the generous never run out of resources to give… Just because He is generous and loves generosity. (2 Corinthians 9:6-11).
    You seem to be understanding and experiencing more of this than many Christians.

  • Ron

    It’s a great concept but not a reality.
    Resources are limited. Water shortages
    Are becoming apparent in different parts of the world. Rising oceans will soon displace hundreds of millions of people
    From Holland to Miami. Bees which are responsible for pollinating much of our food are dying off in large numbers.

    Drought is also limiting food sources.
    Automation has taken awAy millions of jobs. Migrants without work in their own country are crowding into other countries
    Exhausting those countries resources and
    Creating extreme competition for low wage jobs.

    The truth is that if you have a job, a place to live and a few bucks you are very lucky.

    There are billions of people who are struggling to get by every day.

    Humans are an opportunistic species.
    Believing that there is enough for everyone no matter how many times we multiply our numbers by two is fantasy.

  • Thank you for the article Patrick. Sometimes even though I know the fears are redundant and that I will be taken care of, I cannot help feel negatively about the person who is cheating/stealing from me.
    Over time ofcourse I let it go, but in the moment it bothers me when a client doesn’t pay, or someone tries to cheat me. And sadly, there are too many people who think they can cheat their way to success.
    I have seen in the past that people digging ditches for others, often fall themselves. But what happens to them is not my concern. My concern is will my hard work not be rewarded if I don’t put my foot down and confront the person?

  • Suz

    I specifically came to this post becausd I was fed up with worrying. I am editing theses about world food shortages and read news articles on immigration policies (walls). As I get near retirement, it has made me obsessive about crunching retirement numbers, to make sure I have enough (what is -Enough? money? security?….what about friends?). I love this post. Because I know there is global warming, the population is straining natural resources, automation will be a game changer, but this article is True! If you give and share and do not hoard, not only will you have peace and Enough but others will benefit so they can share. I realized that my life only needs a few tweaks to give me peace. I already do what I love so I need to focus on the work and not the money it Might bring. I am going to focus on some projects I have been interested in but ignored because of my obsession with chasing money. Organic gardening, building a biogas digester for cooking gas, and building a waterwheel out of an old bike to provide some electricity from the river I live on. There are lots of projects on youtube to distract me. Thank you!

  • Jaycee

    Interesting … I did this, I gave away money down to my last dollar in trust that the universe will provide … but it didn’t. It was the hardest time of my life and I never ever want to return to that point again. I feel naive in some ways for thinking that the universe would sort it out.

    • Patrick

      Hi Jaycee – the universe isn’t like a mother that will sort out all of the things for you. That is a misconception.
      All of what happens depends on your state of being.
      Why did you give away your last money in the first place? Why did you neglect your own well-being to start with?
      Isn’t hoping that we could throw away everything and yet the universe will take care of everything – the position of a child, who depends on a mother or father to support them. The Universe wants you to grow, to realize that YOU yourself are the creator of your destiny, not stay in the dependent position of a child, hoping someone will feed them.
      From your saying I hear that you had money to feed yourself at the beginning and you gave it away. And then you suffered. And then you grew out of it through pain back in a position where you had to provide for yourself once again. But I bet, you aren’t the same person as before. I bet, you are stronger now. How would you be today, if the universe would have stepped in and had saved you. I bet you would be poorer when it comes to the development of your soul today. Now with the fear of scarcity I am not talking about giving away everything and not caring about yourself. Just as is always said in the security videos on an airplane – always take care of yourself before taking care of others – but once you’ve done that, take care of others.

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