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Do you know that there is a prescription-free drug that could:

– lower you blood pressure,
– boost your immune system,
– is a great pain killer and tranquilizer,
– and also one of the best anti-depressants,
– increases endurance,
– makes you conquer any period of stress with ease,
– is equivalent to eating 2,000 chocolat bars without you getting nausea or fat,
– and has absolutely no side-effects (besides happiness, joy and some more things to keep you from being depressive)?

I recently came across a great article on SharingSuccess.tv called “The power of laughter”.

There has been some phenomenal study on the power of laughter – and I highly advise you to follow this advice. But it’s small brother – The Smile – although much quieter than the big brother “Laughter” has some enormous powers, and if you use it in a way that you never have learned before can be even 1,000% more effective than it’s normal use.

**You can let your whole body shower with a smile and connect with the whole universe. Read on how to put the power of smiling on steroids.**

##Getting a Smile Feels Great
Getting a smile warms the soul. We all now how good it feels to receive a friendly smile. We feel accepted, appreciated, cared for and even loved. Of course there are different levels of smiling, and we recognize the difference of a smile by a friendly waiter and a smile by our loved ones. Yet even the anonymous waiter who gives us a smile like every other customer can make us feel really good, if we sense his smile as being genuine.

##Giving a Smile Feels Even Better
Whenever you smile at someone, you at the same time smile at yourself. Your subconscious doesn’t know and doesn’t care whom you’re smiling at, all it recognizes is that you smiled (and the way you smiled) and releases chemicals to the body.

Smiling is one of the best and fastest ways to trigger some amazing changes in your body in record time:

– it will make your breathing much deeper and calmer in a few seconds, also the volume of your breathing changes
– it tells the body that everything is okay and to turn off the pumping of adrenaline into the body
– It lowers your blood pressure
– It boosts your immune system
– It releases endorphins, natural painkillers and serotonin
– it releases tensions in your abdomen
– it increases your endurance

– it increases your (body) satisfaction
– it will lift up your mood, makes you satisfied and experience happiness in just a few seconds. It is not only a sign of happiness – it can also produce happiness
– It lessens the stress of problems, increases the ability to solve problems and extends lifespan. It also lessens the effects of negative information that we are constantly bombarded with, such as the Daily News. Try reading your news with a smile. It will change your perception.
– It lifts the moods of those around you causing people to treat you with joy and happiness.
– One interesting research on the benefits of smiling, discovered it has the same effect as eating 2,000 chocolate bars. (Now that’s got to be good for you!)

> A study suggests that people with a physical inability to smile (because of muscle paralysis, or some sort of muscular condition) are more prone to being depressed than people with general problems of facial motor control. (VanSwearingen, et al, Aesthetic Plast Surg Nov-Dec 23:416-23 (1999))

##What Is a Genuine Smile?
A genuine smile is not coming from the mouth. It is coming from your whole body. People know that a smile of only the mouth is a fake smile. And your body knows it too. One of the best signals to differentiate a fake smile from a genuine smile is looking at the eyes. Are they smiling too?
So if you want to really smile at someone or yourself, don’t start the smile from your mouth. Start it from your eyes, and let the mouth, your face and then the rest of your whole body follow.

##Trigger Function of a Smile
A smile is one of the best ways to refocus your mind and body in times of turmoil. Whenever you feel stressed or don’t know what to do next, or are angry at someone. Just start a smile, coming from the eyes. Even if you think this will be difficult in some situations, your subconscious doesn’t know the difference in situations, if you send the right body signals. That is if you start your smile from the eyes, then the mouth and then your face, it will send out the same chemicals as usual. And these chemicals will instantly change your perception of the reality and will calm your mind.

##How to Heal Yourself and Connect on a Very Deep Level With the Universe?
But you can even take this a step further. You can turn this into one of the most powerful healing meditations I know.

Go into your meditation zone (using whatever method you use – doing some deep breathing and some countdown from 10 to 1 will be enough).

– Put a smile into your eyes, your mouth and your face. Don’t make it a big grin. A slight one felt in the eyes is good enough.
– Then sense that smile from your face going inwards, inside your body.
– Send that smile to the top of your head into ever root of your hair.
– From there, let it expand downwards through your whole body. Let it expand and touch every organ and every cell of your body.
– You might imagine this smile, being filled with love and gratitude, combined with a white light, floating your whole body like a inner shower of light and smiling.
– Imagine every cell and organ that you touch with that loving, nurturing inner smile will smile back at you.
– Once you are through your whole body, sense your whole body, every organ and every cell smiling back at you, while your expanded inner smile starts to even expand beyond your body. Let that smile fill every other part of you – your mind, your soul and your spirit.
– Sense that now every part of you is filled by that ever expanding smile and that every part of you is smiling back to you. All is filled with love and joy through that gesture of smiling.
– Now let that ever growing smile expand beyond yourself. Let it fill the room, the city and reach out into the universe. Let your smile touch the universe and let the whole universe with all its atoms, molecules and parts that are built from it smile back to you.
– Then let that smile transcend the barrier of time. Let it go into your past and fill every situation (even the painful ones) with its light and love. If you can’t fill an episode with a smile, it is ok. Do as good as you could. Next time it might be easier.
– Then let that smile go into your future – see your future, your goals and ambitions filled with that smile and love, and enjoy in that feeling.
– Feel that you are connected through this shared universal gesture of smiling with everything in the universe.
– Rejoice in this feeling.
– Once you decide to come back, you leave that smile expanded as it was and focus yourself on your body.
– Come back to the here and now, taking three deep breaths, slowly stretching your body and then open your eyes.
– Now put a big smile on your face and say “Thank you” to ever cell and every part in the universe.

Also you can teach yourself to trigger this state with every smile, so that from now on your smiles will act as ever increasing drugs of happiness to you – showering your whole body with more of that good stuff.

**This is one of the most powerful meditations I know. It will make you feel terrific and will increase all the above mentioned benefits.**

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  • What a beautiful pathway to realizing universal love. Thanks so much, Patrick.

    • Patrick

      @Gail: Glad you liked it. Have a great week with lots of smiles :)

  • That post helped me enjoy my already fantastic day even more!

    • Patrick

      @Steven Ponec: Great – Go on now and conquer the world today with that smile.

  • I too love to smile Patrick. It’s as though the world smiles with me when I smile. I think smile is the best medicine. And it’s the best thing you can give to any stranger. And hey, it’s free!

    • Patrick

      3x you’re right. It is the best medicine. You should give it to strangers, often. And thank god it is free and always available.

  • This post made me smile. It reminded me of the times when I worked at stressful jobs, waitressing and customer service, where I didn’t have much autonomy and had to deal with demanding people. When I felt myself getting too worked up and frazzled, I’d take a second to remind myself of something genuinely funny or happy and smile. Not only did I feel better, but it seemed to relax my customers, too – even the ones I was only dealing with via phone.

    My brother and husband like to tease me because often I’ll just be walking around with a big cheesy smile on my face for no reason. It makes me feel better though so I will not try to contain it.

    • Patrick

      @Tracy: Don’t contain it. Me & my loved one often catch ourselves smiling (often while looking at the other) – and boy whenever we catch ourselves doing that, does it make our day. There is nothing to exchange that.

  • 2000 chocolate bars = 1 :-) – fat

    My favorite mathematical equation. And the smile is free.

    • Patrick

      @Miguel de Luis: Yeah I bet that is even better than Einsteins formula. At least it feels better. Wait till someone gets a Nobel price for that.

  • Love it. And yes, this post made me smile too.

    As for this: “It also lessens the effects of negative information that we are constantly bombarded with, such as the Daily News. Try reading your news with a smile. It will change your perception.”

    My thoughts were why not exchange reading (or watching) the news with smiling? I mean just smiling. Or perhaps reading something that you know will make you smile (double smiling?). After all, the news is deliberately negative. Why not do without for a while?

    • Patrick

      @Patty: Yeah exchanging the news totally is a valid and good approach. I found myself doing that lately more often, not caring about where to get the news. But being online and listen to radio etc. will often bring the news to you. Then you can use it to counterfeit it’s negative influence.

  • Odd confession, I am about to make, but I spent much of my school age childhood up through college not knowing how to laugh. It was a bit of a serious joke amongst friends in college that I simply could not make the laughing sound and belly motion, so to speak.

    After college I started my personal development quest and came across an article about Norman Cousins (I believe) in which he described the enormous healing power of laughter.

    I literally spent hours looking into the bathroom mirror trying to teach myself how to laugh.

    These days, laughter comes quite easily to me and I would agree that one should but some fun and laughter every day into their life, just as if it were as important as taking a vitamin.

    I watch my babies make faces each day as I interact with them and I will just bust a gut laughing. It feels so good. Thanks for the reminder, Patrick.

    • Charley Forness
    • Patrick

      @Charley Forness: You will have many of those treasured moments, where you can feel the power of a smile giving to your children and receiving from them. Let those fill all your being. And then inject a good belly laugh too. Good to see you’ve developed that ability.

  • Hit the send too soon, sorry. But my intent was to correlate the smile as a pre-cursor to laughter and joy. Hopefully that was evident.

    Many thanks,

    Charley (smiling at his mistake)

  • Another great way to get more out of your smiles is to smile while you work out. A martial-arts instructor told me that if you can smile while you do push-ups you will get more out of them.

    • Patrick

      @Justin: Yeah – that is what the link under “Endurance” also stated. Smiling really sets power into motion.

  • Just reading this put a smile on my face. Here’s one dorky thing I do and it may seem odd and silly but worth a try. If I notice myself getting too serious or sad about something, I smile (at no one in particular and no reason at all). The physiological act itself pulls me back into the present and gives me a lift.

    Thanks for this in-depth post!

    • Patrick

      @Belinda Munoz: your physiology is hardwired with your emotions. You can’t put up a real smile and get depressed. It’s just not working. The actually used a “smiling therapy”, where people just used fake smiling at the beginning, on chronically depressed people and had very good results.

  • I didn’t realize there was so much research to back up the value of a smile!
    It happens to be a habit of mine, to smile. I don’t even think about it. It does seem to make things better. When I am not feeling well and someone smiles, it is hard to keep yourself down. Thank you for an informative cheerful post. Good news like this just makes me smile, even when there is no one around to receive it!

    • Patrick

      @bethvw: There is always the most important person around to receive it – you!

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