Re-Member: The Fastest Way to a Relaxed State and Bliss

I have many problems in my life, but my lips don’t know that. They always smile.” – Charles Chaplin

Throughout my years, I have learned many techniques that incorporate relaxation as the most important first step on that all other methods are based upon.  May it be Meditation, Contemplation, Visualization, Silva Mind Control, Psycho-Cybernetics, Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training, or you name it. 

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UNWRAPPED: The Fountain of Bliss – a 1 Minute Exercise

Welcome to another article in my “Unwrapped” series.

Have you ever had a situation, where you were full of sorrow or pain (even physical) when out of the blue something beautiful came along and took your breath away by its sheer beauty? That could be another person, a sunset, a great piece of art, something so simple as a flower in the dirt, or a great, comforting cup of tea. And in that moment, you realized that your sorrows were gone and even your pain. And somehow your life didn’t felt so dark anymore. And you felt peace and bliss within you, maybe even while the physical pain still stayed.

Weren’t you tempted in these moments to grab that object of beauty and wanted to keep it forever? And yet somehow you never could.

What Will You Get out of It (if You Participate)?

By following this exercise (remember reading alone wouldn’t help you with it) you will:

  • learn a way to experience bliss whenever you want
  • be able to quiet your mind from sorrows and anxiety in one minute or less
  • learn that you are the one who creates bliss and beauty in your life

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Shut Down Your Minds Chatter Through Superhero Power

Have you ever seen NBC’s Heroes and wished you had super powers, that could help you solve some of life’s problems? Ever dreamed about you being able to bend time even to a complete stop like Hiro Nakamura? What would you say, if I told you, that you could do just that, and don’t have to look like someone with a severe obstipation every time you would activate your super powers?

Let me explain.

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The 3 Best Ways to Use Your Inner Experts

This article is a follow up to my article 8 Steps to Communicate With Your Own Higher Intelligence. If you haven’t read it already please go there so that you understand the concept of creating inner experts first. In this article I spoke about inner experts. Since these are also subpersonalities of myself (I am not talking about Channeling or something) I most of the time refer to these inner persons as Personas. So here are the best ways I know to use your established inner Personas.

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8 Steps To Communicate With Your Own Higher Intelligence

WARNING! For some readers this article will be off the top. Some will find the concepts here to esoteric. It is not my intent to disturb you … or maybe it is my intent but in a healthy manner.

What I describe in this post is a concept which each one of you can and should test for at least 30 days and make a judgment afterwards based on your own experiences.

It is therefore in alignment with what I’ve said before … don’t take the teachings of someone else (including me) for the ultimate truth. Dare to find out for yourself!

The Answers Are Already Within You

As I stated already in my earlier post, I truly believe that the answers you need to develop yourself are already within you. You just need to ask – and maybe Higher Intelligence will use external sources like books, people or the Internet to remind you of that knowledge, but it is your subconscious that will lead you to it.

However instead of hoping that your subconscious will someday lead you to an answer, there is a much more direct approach. You can simply ask for it. But you need to ask in the right state of mind to communicate with Higher Intelligence (you might call it God, Super-Conscious or whatever other name. I don’t mind since it has many and no name at all). Continue reading