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Unwrap your mind is all about combining the best ideas, concepts and techniques of personal development, mind development, new science, psychology and spirituality and unwrap those from all added fluff, hype or unnecessary dogma to bring you the best tools for your own unique personal development.

About the author

Patrick Hello. My name is Patrick Stoeckmann. I live in Hamburg, Germany.

Ever since my teenage years I have been fascinated by the human mind and its potential. I have made it my lifelong commitment to learn the best techniques to grow and develop my innate abilities and help other people to do that as well.

Besides that I have always been fascinated by life (hence fascination is one of my main engines) and the many ways there are to express and experience its varieties. I guess I am a person who likes to try out many things and combines all the experiences into something new, unique and fascinating.

Here are some basic facts about me:

  • I am a professional and personal coach, a certified non-medical practitioner (someone who is allowed in Germany to treat patients with alternative medicine), and a certified classical homeopath.
  • I have been trained in Human Development and associated areas such as NLP, NAC, Family Constellations, Mind Mapping and lots more. I have been trained by some of the top practitioners, including Anthony Robbins, Tony Buzan, and Vanda North.
  • I am the owner of a successful computer consulting company being in business for about 20 years. For all the youngsters out there – that was way before Windows, in the good old DOS days. Actually my first computer was a Texas Instruments TI99/4A. (Yeah!)
  • I am a part time actor as well as a trainer for acting and improvisational theatre
  • I like to sing, and was trained in Hamburg’s best boys choir at the church of St. Nikolai. I have even been on stage with Germany’s famous Jazz trumpeter Till Broenner

In short – some people say I have lived several lives in one. But isn’t that what life could and should be about? Variety. Joy.

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